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A unique new product which has been made for this exciting collaboration between BRABUS and Jobe, now available in limited quantities. The shadow bodywarmer combines the casual look of a bodywarmer with the safety of a 50N buoyancy aid. The use of strong lightweight nylon and a perfect fit makes this a very comfortable vest to wear. The water drainage system ensures no water remains in the pockets of the vest. 2 D-rings make the bodywarmer perfect to wear on a boat, but with these looks it’s also a great vest to keep you warm on a SUP and while you’re on land.
Product Info:
50N ISO-certified (buoyancy aid)
Always a perfect fit: more comfort and safety
Available in plus sizes
Comfort and fit of a casual bodywarmer
Front zipper for fast entry
Inside pocket with carbine hook (2x)
Safety D-ring attachment to attach an emergency cord
Strong and light weight nylon
Water drainage system
Strong YKK Zipper